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Vote Bryant Odega June 7, 2022 

Join our Historic, People-Powered Movement 

It's time for one of us, for a change. 

My name is Bryant Odega and I'm an environmental justice activist, community organizer, working-class Angeleno, and lifelong resident of Harbor Gateway running for Los Angeles City Council District 15. I'm running because It's time we have someone who listens to us, understands the challenges we're facing, and has actually lived them. We need a moral, ethical leader who will fight for all of us, not the powerful few. 


I'm running to put people over profits and bring power back to everyday Angelenos. I will commit to fighting for all residents of LA City Council District 15 and building people power in Watts, Harbor Gateway, Wilmington, Harbor City, and San Pedro.

I'm an environmental justice activist, community organizer, working-class Angeleno, and lifelong resident of Harbor Gateway. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and have lived in District 15 all my life. I'm a proud child of immigrants, my parents immigrated from Nigeria. My mother is a home health nurse and my father was a yellow taxi cab driver.


When I was seven, my father was detained by ICE and had to go back to Nigeria. To make ends meet, my mother withdrew from college and worked full time as a nurse and I started working part-time jobs in high school and throughout college. We lived in rent-controlled housing and relied on public assistance to get by.​ However, it was my mom's example of having a strong work ethic, determination, and resiliency in the face of adversity that helped me become the first member of my family to graduate from college at UCLA where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Labor Studies.

It is those same values that motivate the work I do today. Recently I was a Campaign Fellow for Holly for LA County Supervisor 2020 and I currently serve as a board member on the Harbor Gateway South Neighborhood Council. Over the past several years, I have led and been a part of community organizing efforts to advance environmental justice for our community as an organizer with the Sunrise Movement Los Angeles chapter. Communities of color like ours are disproportionately impacted by heavy pollution and oil drilling. Watts and Wilmington, for example, are in the top 5% of the most polluted neighborhoods in California. This is a clear example of environmental racism. The consequences of no action on this issue means that families like ours continue to have an increased risk for asthma, cancer, and other illnesses. We cannot afford to wait for the change we need to come. We need to make it ourselves.



"We cannot afford to wait for the change. We need to make it ourselves."


The current Council Member, Joe Buscaino, has sat on the City Council for nearly a decade and has either been silent on or actively opposed the change that our community needs.

As the pollution in our district and citywide has been getting worse and climate change continues to threaten the safety and livelihoods of all Angelenos, Buscaino has not supported an end to neighborhood oil drilling even though there are thousands of families in our district who live nearby oil wells.

After the movement to end police brutality and reimagine public safety erupted in LA and across the nation when police murdered George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Andrés Guardado, Buscaino was one of two opposing Council Members who refused to support a minor $150 million reallocation for much-needed community services from the $1.8 billion police budget. Buscaino also happens to be a former cop himself and has accepted over $220,000 in money from police associations. 

However, in 2015 he was willing to support a luxury real estate project, known as Sea Breeze, despite neighborhood opposition from Harbor City residents. An LA Times bombshell article illustrated how after Buscaino received $94,000 in campaign contributions from the very developer who sought to benefit from his approval, he voted in favor of it.  It is clear how money in politics corrupts elected officials into serving the interests of the powerful instead of serving their constituents.

That's why, unlike Buscaino, our campaign does not accept corporate, fossil fuel, real estate, or police association money. As Buscaino stands on the side of those with the most power and influence, our campaign stands on the side of the people. We are 100% people-funded and are committed to fighting against the powerful and influential corruption of big money.

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