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Bryant Odega on the Los Angeles Times

For now, the only other candidate in the race to replace Buscaino is Bryant Odega, an environmental activist who has argued that city leaders spend too much money on police...

Odega, who resides in Harbor Gateway, said Wednesday that at least $100 million should be cut from the LAPD next year, with the proceeds moved into such programs as public housing, mental health counseling and public transportation.

In a city dealing with police brutality and police misconduct, having a lawyer for the police union join the council is “the last thing we need,” said Odega, a volunteer organizer with Sunrise Movement Los Angeles, an environmental and social justice group.

...Odega, 23, also supports a Green New Deal and has called for the cancellation of rent for every Angeleno who is unable to pay because of economic hardships brought on by the outbreak of COVID-19.

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