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Random Lengths News: Dodging the Bullet…This Time: Reactions to Chauvin Verdict

Statement from Bryant Odega

Bryant Odega, Candidate for LA City Council District 15

Dereck Chauvin murdered George Floyd and the guilty verdict today is a triumph for accountability.

However, real justice would mean that George Floyd was never murdered in the first place.

The justice we need in the United States and right here in the City of Los Angeles is the end of systemic racism. It is the systemic racism that fuels the resurgence of the LAPD’s racist and ineffective pretextual stops, also known as “stop-and-frisk,” in South LA and neighboring communities. It was that same type of pretextual stop that led to the death of Daunte Wright last week, killed by the same Minneapolis police department that killed George Floyd.

Black and Brown people are targeted simply for the color of our skin. There are many more George Floyds, Daunte Wrights, Breonna Taylors, Adam Toledos, and Andres Guardados in this city and across the country that we don’t hear about in the news or social media. They will no longer be able to celebrate their birthdays or hug their loved ones again.

There will be no justice until we reimagine public safety, reinvest in our communities, and hold police officers accountable for their misconduct so that we can stop losing loved ones to the hands of the police.

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